6000 monsters - create a funny monster and send it to your friends!

This enjoyable monster puzzle is both a puzzle and a construction kit in one. You can assemble the different parts of the monster on your own. When you have found all the corresponding parts, it comes alive and makes funny noises and movements.

In each game there are eight monsters. The monsters that you have completed appear at the bottom of the screen. You can press their tiny icons to replay the funny animations.

With the construction kit you can puzzle together your own monster creations.

When you have found a combination you like, use the camera button to take a screen shot of your monster. Send the monster to your friends or upload it on to the MooPuu Facebook page. The whole world will see your special monster!

There are four different monster series:

- Green slimy monsters
- Red creepy monsters
- Blue alien robot monsters
- Yellow cute'n'mean monsters

In each series there are 1568 possible combinations. A total  of over 6000 different monster variations are possible!

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